A Dolphin Called Clown

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In Nikola’s novel, we explore – trhough the eyes of a dolphin – the themes of human fragility, deceit, suffering and sorrow on the one hand, and those of love and understanding on the other hand. The author poses the question whether man can be viewed as the measuring unit of all values of these fast-paced, hedonistic times, triggered bz our transitory existence, or whether there might exist some underlying reality which is permanent and eternal. This story will enable you to sharpen your senses and to see your inner world, as well as the one surrounding you, in an entirely new light. (Pero Zubac – Poet, Vice President od the Associoation of Serbian Writers)

Nikola writes smoothly and easily, enhanced by an interesanting life rich in experience. „A Dolphin Called Vlown“ is wrought with a nostalgic, adventurous undercurrent which has a soothing effect on the reader. He has successfully incorporated a dolphin as the narrator in a realistic setting, making the dolphin’s integral role within the novel appear perfectly natural and believable to his readers. (Uglješa Sajtanać – Writer, Winner of the Europan Prize for Literature)

This novel, besides being very entertaining, provides the reader with a lot of food for thought. The story takes place in a contemporary setting in which, while overflowing with countless communication methods, we at the same get the impression that people are very isolated through their everlasting struggles, as well as severely lacking in any real and meaningful interaction. The novel often transcends into the metarohorical realm, which gives it a distinct appeal with a aprticular group of readers. (Dr Nebojša Popov – Sociologist, Founder and Publisher of the „Republika“ magazine)

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